Our goal is to provide the highest quality services and products to clients all over the world.

In the company we focus on safety, therefore we follow any binding standards concerning H&S regulations. With respect to employee protection, we have taken actions to ensure that each of them receives VCA certification. We are aiming to obtain VCA certification also for our Company. INSS-POL Sp. z o.o. follows any binding legal regulations in the area of environment protection according to requirements of directive 96/61/WE imposed by the Environment Protection Law Act of 27th April 2001. We improve employees' ecological awareness by ensuring participation in external training in the field of environmental  protection and internal courses of the company. We care to maintain the highest quality standards. In order to control the quality of our work, we cooperate with accredited laboratories, and our employees have licence to evaluate the quality of welding work.

...steel ahead! This is the expression of our readiness for continous development and remanining a leader in our trade. Extending the scope of activities, extending the group of business partners and other clients satisfied with cooperation with us. The green colour asymbolizes care for the natural enviroment and the pun shows our love for steel. We are one step ahead of competitors always one step further...